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I know this won't get looked at in the near future, if at all, but I am going to throw this out there anyway.

We need a replacement OR alternate tag which works like /thing/@replaces. From what I have been told by the various data file authors on the Savage Worlds sub forum, the use of this tag is verboten since it always replaces immediately, prior to any settings(sources) being processed on the start character screen where any additional sources are pulled in. If the source containing the replaces is NOT part of the selected setting stuff, this then causes errors due to missing data(or you can't find the original copy from the "base").

This is likely not an issue in most game systems as sources typically extend existing material and never replace them. However, this IS an issue in Savage Worlds as each setting can fully replace an existing edg, weapon, armor, etc.

Due to this, the various Savage Worlds settings have LOADS of overrides since one override then begets another which begets another and so on.

The way I would want/expect such a feature to work would be to only perform the replacement after the relevant source has loaded. I don't even know if this is possible in any way, but it would be ideal if such a feature could be implemented.

Hopefully, what I am asking makes sense.
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