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Are you sure this is accurate? You might have had "Merge Duplicate Cars" or "Merge Identical Cards" on. The same thing happened to me with foils in another game, when I updated CV; it set all the settings and everything to default, so the foils were suddenly listed, and I felt like an idiot. *shrug*

--Kyle Turner

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>By the way, I might be reading your post wrong, why did you have to
re-enter your inventory when you upgraded?
> --Kyle Turner
> emperor799@e...
On the first posting, I didn't know that there would be a second or
third posting with added white bordered card sets, so I added Black
and white bordered cards total.

when the second posting came out, the Premiere thru Dagobah white
bordered cards were added and so I subtracted WB count from BB counts
and added them to the correct set.

(I'm anal that way)

thanks for the info


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