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I can't seem to reproduce the problem here, so it must be something
associated with your current inventory file. Please send me your current
inventory file so that I can try to recreate the problem on this end (and
then fix it). The file I need is named "inv.cvz" and it is located in the
folder where you imported the Star Wars files, which is
"c:\cardvault\data\sw-decipher" if you installed CV to the default location
and imported the data files to the default location. Please send it to and I'll investigate it.

As for the problem with Reflections 3, please send that to the author, as
Kyle suggested. He'll be the one to get that fixed in the next update. :-)

Thanks, Rob

At 04:54 PM 3/7/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Love your Product.
>I am having a small problem with the Decipher Star Wars Inv.
>I first put my cards in on the first version, and the the second
>version came out, I reput all the cards in and on 3 cards that I
>tried to edit, it seid error and shut CV down.
>The cards are: Leia(Light side), Brainiac(Light Side) and Death Star
>(Dark Side).
>Is this my file or something else.
>Also, as if you didn't know already, Reflections 3 is not correct, it
>is missing unique cards and foils in the set.
>thanks for any help you might give
>Rich Sigilbearerrich) K.

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