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Hi, sigil. Most of the datafiles for specific games are created/handled by private users. I'm not sure if the author of the SW CCG files subscribes to this group, so you might want to email him/her directly. To do this, open up the SW CCG datafiles, click on the help tab, and go to "Contact the Datafile Author" that should open up your default email program and put his email address in the To: field. Then you can just copy and paste your earlier post.

That said, it really is good of you to point these things out to this group, and if you have any suggestion for an addition/change to the product or any of the datafiles, customer requests are taken very seriously. By the way, I might be reading your post wrong, why did you have to re-enter your inventory when you upgraded?

--Kyle Turner

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Love your Product.
I am having a small problem with the Decipher Star Wars Inv.
I first put my cards in on the first version, and the the second
version came out, I reput all the cards in and on 3 cards that I
tried to edit, it seid error and shut CV down.
The cards are: Leia(Light side), Brainiac(Light Side) and Death Star
(Dark Side).
Is this my file or something else.

Also, as if you didn't know already, Reflections 3 is not correct, it
is missing unique cards and foils in the set.

thanks for any help you might give

Rich Sigilbearerrich) K.

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