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Release 1.2 - 12/09/2010
This is now available through the Secondary Updates URL feature or directly from

Enhancements & Additions
  1. Eberron Campaign Setting: Strong Mind feat
  2. Complete Adventure: Prc Exemplar
  3. Complete Arcane: PrC Geometer, PrC Wayfarer Guide
  4. Complete Mage: PrC Ultimate Magus, PrC Abjurant Champion
  5. Complete Pisonics: Lurk class,
  6. Dragon Compendium: Poisons
  7. DMG: Poisons
  8. Expanded Psionics Handbook: Item Powers
  9. Miniature's Handbook: Marshal base class
  10. Monsters of Faerun: Wemic, Stinger
  11. PHB2: Dragon Shaman
  12. Races of the Dragon: Psionic Powers
  13. Races of Stone: PrC Runesmith
  14. Races of the Wild: PrC Champion of Corellon Laerthian
Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed Healer class bonus feat to exactly like the Marshel bonus for Skill Focus.
  2. Some more source issues fixed.
  3. Naming standards fixed.
  4. Many misc issues found and corrected by our community editors. These are Lawful_g, Bluephoenix, Sendric, bodrin, chiefweasel, and risner. Great work all!
Data File Authoring
  1. Core Monster Powers added.
  2. Core Monster Type changes/fixes.
  3. Core Monster Immunity Specials added.

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