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hi there

a simple add to ask if those here with knowledge of the authoring tools for HL are interested in paid work to help convert the game system i have on paper into HL.

i dont want to give away too much of the mechanics and back end out here in the open, but keynotes are:

-it uses a 7dice system, (D4 - D20)
-has a skill points assignment similar to pathfinder (as in you get to pick ranks yourself, not class based)
- only 3 actual "classes" 95% of the customization is user based, with few "class" lockouts.
- only 1 race as yet, will expand so will need a drop down for more.

- needs to have a slot based system for the mechanical units so (left arm, right arm, head, chest, back(=) and each slot needs to have a dropdown that the player can select the equipment inside it

this is both advanced and simple system, i have a few examples of alpha ideas for the system and can provide them at a later date...

im not expecting this to be "quick" but i am expecting this to be "neat" this will need to grow expand and upgrade as the system evolves and grows so the code done MUST BE FLEXIBLE AND CLEAN...

able to be picked up and modified - expanded by the most BASIC level tinkerer

i swear to god if i find to-go statements, shorthand, un-formatted line structure in this imma kill people
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