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Hello there!

Noticed a small issue and wanted to know if it is known already:
Recently I changed the hybrid-tags to "behave as text" to see if I like it better to write the domain names instead of selecting them from the dropdowns.

Meanwhile the upgrade 240 came out and I wanted to revise some old topics. In those topics I noticed that the tag label of tag type snippets that were pre-generated with the topic (and were left unchanged) have been cut-off now.

For example: "Appearance Traits" is now "Appearance Tra...". It is not possible to complete the text as there is a length limitation. If I add a tag domain for this category, the text shows up completely and cannot be edited. If I add a tag snippet, I am also limited by the length of the field and can only type the "Appearance Tra...".

I also remember that i moved the topics from the category individual to a duplicate of the individual category with a few modifications but all the structure was left unchanged.

Is this a known bug?

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