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For several older versions of Realm Works, importing would in certain cases create duplicate tags in your realm. However, in those older versions of Realm Works, duplicate tags were perfectly legal, so Realm Works wouldn't warn you about this.

Things have changed in the latest version of Realm Works (build 240). Duplicate tags are no longer allowed, and importing no longer creates duplicate tags (or at least it shouldn't).

Based on what you've said here, it sounds like perhaps you did some imports with previous versions of Realm Works where duplicate tags were created, but perhaps you weren't aware that the duplicates were created because Realm Works didn't flag this to your attention. Now that you've upgraded to the latest version, they are being flagged to your attention. Does that sound accurate? Or does something else appear to be going on?

More generally, has anyone reading this thread experienced any cases where the latest version of Realm Works (build 240) creates duplicate tags on import into a realm that previously had no duplicate tags? If so, that is a bug, since import should no longer be creating duplicate tags, so please let us know
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