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The export/import issue I had submitted as a bug, is solved and I was able to export and import the realm in question. Great stuff!! Thanks!

What is really weird, is what the update did to every single one of my realms:

Many of my custom tag domains had its tags duplicated. Seemingly in every single realm (have not opened all yet, but so far with out exception) has had one of more of its tag domains tags duplicated, perfectly, and in its entirety.

So example of the error:

Domain 'Community Type': Tag 'Encampment'
Domain 'Community Type': Tag 'Fortification'
Domain 'Community Type': Tag 'Other'
Domain 'Community Type': Tag 'Outpost'
Domain 'Community Type': Tag 'Racial City'
Domain 'Community Type': Tag 'Settlement'

So now I have to go in and delete the entry, what is even weirder, that I have now topics using both the old and new tag, yet there was just one when I created them. I have set structure I apply to a new realm when I create it.

Nothing is broken, but it is a fair amount of tedious work to go back through and delete al the duplicate tags in every realm.

This only happens on my tag domains I created.

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