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Originally Posted by Silveras View Post
I don't think clearing ALL content links would be that helpful. Clearing items previously marked as "non-links" only would. overall, be more useful. Most of the time, the things I have marked as links i would want to keep as links, and clearing them would create more approval pop-ups than I would want to bother with.
Cool. So just to clarify, this request is for users other than people like Silveras who apparently have never made a mistake when it comes to linking content in RW. Obviously, using this feature would be optional, allowing the users who do want to bother with it to do so.

In the Quick Edit menu are options to both search for new links and to clear existing links on a per topic basis. I'm requesting that the Clear All Content and Rescan option be brought into parity with the new Global scan option, allowing the user to perform the operation across all or a subset of topic/articles.

I do agree that being able to remove the "non-links" from a topic and/or as a bulk operation could be very useful.
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