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Epic Levels replace the normal attack progression and save progression with the epic level "bonus" values. This prevents fighters from getting more than +10 more to-hit than wizards, prevents a "good" save from being more than 6 better than a "poor" save, and limits you to the number of attacks you had by level 20. (Everyone scales the same past 20 to prevent imbalances from getting even bigger and eventually scaling way past a D20, where one player always hits where one player always misses)

You still take levels in classes and gain those abilities, along with an epic feat every 3 levels.

This means manually updating everything you would get from class levels past 20, including sneak attack damage, monk levels for fast movement, AC, unarmed damage.

It means manually coding in my Kensai abilities and applying them to unarmed attacks.

It means manually coding in the Perfected One abilities, additional HP's, skill points, epic feats, etc.

What you can not do in Hero Lab is continue to add character levels past 20, because it won't work correctly. Hero Labs continues to add to base attack bonus, instead of using the epic "bonus" values, eventually giving every character 4 attacks. By the time you get to 35+ character levels, Hero Lab can not even display the character levels correctly. My guess is someone set an array of size 30 or so and levels beyond this cause display issues. The only good choice is to stop at level 20, and script in everything you would get from additional character levels.

I have done everything (and more) above, but I want to know if there is a way to add an extra choice of special ability (think rogue 10,13,16,19) through scripting rather than through updating the class and obtaining levels in the class, which can't happen past level 20 in hero lab. If your 21st character level was your 19th level of rogue, you would not be able to (correctly) add a rogue level at character level 21 to get the fourth special ability because hero lab is not designed to handle past level 20.

In my case, I take level 4 of my custom prestige class at character level 20. The custom abilities should be given out at prestige class 1,4,7,10. I could re-code my prestige class to get 3 custom abilities at level 4, which would work for my level 41 character for which I am scripting in level 5 through 10 of the prestige class (giving them the 2 extra 7,10 custom abilities at character level 20), but would be wrong for anyone else that took that prestige class.

cFstSpec1, cFstSpec2, cFstSpec3, cFstSpec4 are my four class specials at prestige class level 1,4,7, and 10 that correctly give a choice of 8 custom abilities.

Basically, I just want a script to say add: cFstSpec3 and cFstSpec4, which would give the player the option to select 2 more custom abilities for my prestige class through scripting, without ruining the way the prestige class works for anyone else taking it.

If my custom names are confusing, a script or approach to add cRogSpec1 (Rogue Special Ability at Rogue Level 10) without taking the rogue class levels to get cRogSpec1 would give me the answer I am looking for. The special ability can not be linked to taking a level in a class, it needs to be added through a script.

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