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Good news/bad news. The data files are correct, and are formatted correctly. Bad news, rewriting the script to nest the formatting conditionals doesn't help.

Running Hero Lab v8.0c on a Windows 7 system causes the same errors as on Windows 10. At this point the only thing I can't test is a previous version of Hero Lab. I can say with certainty that these exact configuration files worked correctly at around version 6.1 in December 2014.

Clearly the issue is caused by some program change between 6.1 and mid to late April or early May of 2015 (what version? Who knows! The blog/newsletter/google+ feed doesn't mention a new version for HL until long after mid/late May of 2015 when we have our first report of the issue; they stopped posting a change log almost a decade ago. Additionally they don't have older versions of the program available, so it doesn't matter particularly anyway.)

Fixing it from this side of the program is probably days of trial and error with absolutely no guarantee of success and little or no hint that we are getting closer or farther from a solution. Doubly so without any change logs for the program. I'll try reaching out to HL support, but I'm going to guess they care almost nothing about fixing a problem that only affects a single superseded game's system. Plus from the state of the documentation (2009 was the last change log update) they are pretty clearly understaffed.

For fun though, if you look at the cards in the "landscape" version, you get a different color formatting than the "profile" version. Hilariously, "landscape" means you get cards that are in profile, and vise versa. The only difference between them is the dimensions of the card - they all use the same bar formatting code. Strange, huh?
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