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styles_output.aug is where the color and code name for that format are specified.
sheet_powercards.dat are where the actual power cards are encoded (using the style codes from the styles_output.aug file).

The problem is that they are both correct. The styles document gives the hex value for red for the encounter code name, same as the at-will gives green. The powercards design document specifies that encounter powers should use the encounter style, and at-will powers should use the at-will style. Of note is that daily powers do not have a specified style, they just use the default.

In trying to fix this and make items gold I've added a new style to the aug file, and added new code to test for powers stemming from magic items. They both work fine, but the bars remain stubbornly At-Will colored. More interestingly if you change the style of the At-Will names in the .dat file, it changes the style of the other cards as well.

If the At-Will color code in the powercard file are commented out, they go grey but the encounter powers get their red bar back.

I know it worked correctly in 2014/12 when I last printed character sheets, and I rolled back my data files slowly trying to see where the titles broke, but I've since made it all the way back to my 2014 data files, with the 2014 profile, and they still generate with the correct [letter] style, but the At-Will [name] and [keywords] styles.

There are really only two different things on my side - my computer is running Windows 10 today while I ran 7 in 2014, and the Hero Lab program version. I don't have a backup of older versions of the HL installer, so the only thing I can test is the Windows version theory. I'll try to do that soon, but if anyone running Windows 7 or Mac could generate a character sheet with an encounter power on it to see if one of those makes the bar correct, that would save me some time. It doesn't really matter because I can't do much about Windows or the way HL is hard-coded, but I'd still like to know which part went wrong.

I'm thinking it's a problem with how it's handling the if/else/elseif logic. I'm not sure whats making it execute differently, and it's too late for me to think about that right now. Maybe I'll try rewriting it as a long and ugly nested if-else-endif chain instead of the elseif chain tomorrow.
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