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Originally Posted by Merion View Post
Can small things like an item or a single NPC be submitted for the content market or does everything need to be at least a questline, fully fleshed out location or campaign?
A single item would need to be substantive enough to stand on its own. Otherwise, we would end up with a sea of single items that would be unwieldy for users to wade through within the CM. There has to be balance here.

So a village with a lot of backstory and intriguing NPCs scattered across its shops and locations, with into various plots and even a mystical item or two, would probably stand on its own quite nicely. But a single item or NPC probably would not. As BJ pointed out, though, a collection of items or NPCs is a different story.

FYI, we'll have Masks and Eureka in the initial launch (see, and we've got other stuff lined up, as well. So reusable components is a something we really want to emphasize within the CM.
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