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I used to work with AB 1.x and I'm considering to return to this excellent piece of software after a few years of hiatus in wargaming.

I just started a (to me) new game called Flames of War and I'd like to use AB for it.

But the latest data file for that game is a tad obsolete:
Flames of War (post-FE2) V1.40; 2011/05/16; by Kevin Schafer

It doesnt include the books and 'official briefings' I need: Turning Tide, Earth and Steel, Scots Divisions, 17. SS-Panzergrenadierdivision (Götz von Berlichingen), ...

I tried to contact Kevin Schafer, but the website mentionned in the data file wasn't updated since about a year and the 'forum' seems closed.

Does anybody know more about this?
Is there a new version of the data file comming?

Thanks for any answer!

petitbilbo from Brussels
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