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They'll continue to invest in product development if it makes them money. From everything RWD has posted about this, they fully intend to support HLC indefinitely. That said, I suspect that the focus is going to be on HLO with HLC support being primarily bug fixes and minor changes. I have no idea if releasing a 64-bit version of HLC is a major development effort or now. If it is, I suspect that doing so is a low priority.
I have done a couple of 32bit to 64bit ports. I haven't done a Mac port before, just Linux and Windows. The biggest issue is the libraries. RW hasn't moved to 64bit even though it really needs it because they can't get 64bit version of one of the GUI libraries they use.

The most problematic part is finding code that expects 32bit ints and now has 64bits and still works except in some edge cases.
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