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Version 3.11

April's English units have been updated!
May's French units have been added. By added, I mean their reference cards have been put into the file...any other "stuff" like spells and artefacts will be updated in May, when they are English-ized.

I've started to fiddle with the GDR's insane unit and model limits. I think I'll be able to get most of it to work. The pain will be making all the adjustments every month and every year as they change their mind/minds/whatever.

The molochs are not in the file because they threw me a curve there with the Alliance Darkness and then they belong to an army. So, outside of tournament rules in a friendly game you can like take 12 of these guys? I guess in the tournament rules you can take 2 cards of the army specific moloch and that's it? ( can't remember if they are over 30AP or not... ) Damn Rackham always messing with my files! :shock:


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