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I think you are hitting the mark with what you are doing and wouldn't worry about a two-level approach. The folks that expect this to be easy are not going to be (or won't remain after a brief flirtation as) your customers. Those who try it and complain because it doesn't read their mind and spew out a complete realm are not your target audience. GMs who will use this know world building is HARD and do not expect that a tool to do what they envision is something their pre-schooler can sit down at and immediately employ (not saying there shouldn't be an effort to make the features approachable, of course).

And the ADD generation is not your audience. If a long article scares someone off, they are never going to sit down and build a realm. They might buy RW to use content, but they won't use most of your program and will likely never go to the manuals, the sites, or anywhere but here to ask questions like "I searched here but I cannot find my problem - how do you create a new topic?"
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