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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
When creating a custom ability, the second option is "Secondary Custom Ability", check that to make the ability show up in the secondary list, instead of the primary.

It sounds like you're going to need to store the initiator level somewhere, so that you can modify it.

My first thought on the subject would be to create a new item on the Special tab - leave the "Show in Specials List" option unchecked, because you want this to be hidden in the background, and at the top, make it unique. Then bootstrap it from the classes that need to know how many initiator levels they have.

Then, you can have all the classes that grant initiator levels add their number of levels to the field[Value].value of the special, then when you're deciding what powers are available, look up the Value field on that special.
I have all of the available Stances (Custom Ability) and Maneuvers (Psionics) that are available to a Sword Sage. The Stances have descriptions, but not the Maneuvers (yet). I have created the Special you described, but then you mention some coding jargon and lost me , the whole "Value" this and that thing. Not sure where to go with that for the calculation of the Initiator levels. I understand (I think ) about the bootstrapping bit, just not the "Value" stuff. I have bootstrapped several classes to the Special. The field scripting is where I am a bit lost. Looking through the online manual, I have seen many different scripting references, but nothing that stands out as the right one to modify (although there are many I think will help in coding the Maneuvers/stances). I know that it will need to count the Sword Sage levels as "wholes" and the other listed classes as "Halves" for calculation, but I do not know the syntax to make it function. I assume that I will need to create a template of this script, and then attach it to each bootstrap changing the class reference in each script. If this is correct, then a bit of code hint will go a long way.

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