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I currently taking our group through the Red Hand of Doom mega-module. So, I'm typing in all of the Spawn of Tiamat critters from MM IV. I've also put in a few dragons of differing ages and colors. I think I may be a wild man and do all of the chromatic dragons.

I purchased the Bestiary package, and being able to look at how the monsters were set up in that dataset was EXTREMELY helpful. I've taken a few liberties with some skill points as they don't convert 1:1 but that is the power of the pen.

One other thing I'm doing is setting the dragons so I can select feats when they are added to a portfolio. The canned dragons are OK but I really like to treat dragons like PCs and configure them with gadget style feats. They will come with just the base feats and be able to add more depending on the age category. All of the age based abilities and stats are input. (lot of work but getting easier)

Figured I'd check in with what I'm working on.
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