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I seem to have got it to work now - I just had to change two things.

In the Editor: under the Class tab I found the Favored Class Optn tab, where I copied the Half-Elf Bard, re-named the copy (both name and unique id), then opened the "Available to Races ..." Edit button and added more races (my Elf variants in this case) and saved it.

In the Editor: under the Race tab I opened the Race (sub-)tab in order to access my Elf variants. In their records I opened the "Favored Class Options" Edit button and added the option which I had previously created/copied under the Class/Favored Class Optn tabs and saved it.

I then re-started Hero Lab, and the new favoured class option was available.

I have no idea right now if there is a way to do it with standard races. Maybe just by copying and re-naming them? Further testing is required, but I'm not about to launch into that right now.

There might be an easier way to reach the same result, but I have no idea right now as to how to accomplish that.
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