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Just as an update, i decided not to do the Pieces of Eden thing. it may have worked, but it was just far too much of a pain in the ass for me.

Anyway, i did have another question.

When adding new Feats, i have some that provide character options. for example:
Requires the ability to cast at least one spell
Gain 1 Arcane Tradition from the Wizards Class. You gain the second level power of that Tradition but you do not gain more later on.

Another one is:
You gain 2 Ki points (If you already have this class feature, gain 2 more)
You can learn one Ki Feature fro this list; Flurry of Blows, Patient Defense, or Step of the Wind, and can use it as if you were the Monk Class. you regain them after a short or long rest.

My question is, how do i add class features to a Feat but on a far more limited scale? my idea is to add some more custimization and freedom in some players without having to multiclass if they do not want to.
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