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I also use Fractal Mapper and Campaign Cartographer, but it requires an investment of money and especially time. I ended up hiring someone to create a professional looking version of my world map so I could print as a poster for my game room. But I use CC3 for putting together area maps. What I love most about CC3 is the City Builder add-on that allows me to quickly generate an entire city. I can also trace along a road and have it fill in houses of various sizes. I use the city features more than anything else because it really saves a lot of time in creating cities, villages, and towns. It is also great for area and world maps, which is its main use for most people. If you spend the time learning it, you can put together some professional looking maps quickly, but it really isn't very time saving IMHO. The city builder, though, that makes the price of the entire product worth it, saves time and tons of fun.
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