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Honestly the only reason I don't use the pathfinder side of Herolab for this is by the fact Warmage isn't available to me. Lone Wolf doesn't do a very good job describing whats available to me when I purchase data packs, thus many purchases I have made already are rather useless to me. If I had better info back then surely I would have chosen better packages for my personal odd creations. Since I don't think the 3.5 books will ever be converted over due to copyrights and etc, etc. This area stands as my only option atm.
LW can't add Warmage to its 3.5 set because of licensing issues. That said, you could create the class in the editor for Pathfinder if you wanted to. It's available for 3.5 in the community set, though obviously the whole gestalt support thing is problematic.
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