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Originally Posted by TobyFox2002 View Post
The template, well not much I can do with it as a template, so I decided to try and make it as a 3 level prestige class.

Then find some way to subtract the extra HD. I haven't yet found a way to do that.

Neither Chosen of Mystra nor Magister are balanced. They have a spell-like ability to cast 1 spell from each level and full immunity to 1 spell from each spell level. Also, both of the mare simply a sidebar, not laid out like a template is normally. The only guide that one can go by is a similar template (and easier to make) from Faiths and Pantheons called "Chosen of Bane."
But that's well beyond the scope of this project.

There is no level adjustment, no requirements to the prestige classes, but that's the way of 3.0. Sometimes things are just don't make sense.

Before the day is over I'll have the files for you. I'll send them through a private message on the forums unless you have a better way in mind.
You can email me the files at my gmail account. Username sendric.
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