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Originally Posted by TobyFox2002 View Post
Ready to send the files, just a quick question about the .user files themselves.

I have Merged two pre-existing files MoFa -Wemic.user MoFa - Stinger.user into Monsters of Faerun.

I hoped that this might save you some time, I did a number of tests and it functions properly. If you do not want this I can remove them.

Also I used Merged Underdark - Chitine.user into Drow of the Underdark - Feats.user which I have used as a base to hold all of the content from both Underdark sourcebooks.

If this is not acceptable in some way I can fix it back.
Thanks. I appreciate the effort. That said, I've already combined all pre-existing files into a one file/source situation. I am actually keeping Underdark and Drow of the Underdark separate since they are separate books. You should only need to send files containing new material. There have been a few changes made to the FR files on my end as well, so whatever you send me, I'm going to be going through carefully to make sure things are integrated smoothly.

Sorry I missed your previous question about the templates. Not sure what you ended up with, but hopefully you figured it out.
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