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*I brought this up in the second GenCon seminar and was told to post it.*

Some sort of "Next (time increment round/hour/day/week/month/year)" button.
When you "Begin Game Session" it would check to see if the in-game date had been set. If it was set, the button should show the last setting.

Maybe the icon could be set to round, day (with hour tracking), week (with day tracking), month (with day tracking), or year (with month and day tracking).
This would link to the calendar so that if there was an event scheduled on the 14th of the month, when you clicked the button for "Next <Day>" from day 13, you would get a popup/alert that such-n-such event happens today.
If the day and year can be set as visible by the players (in a small window you could set in the corner of the player screen) it would advance the date there as well and the pop-up/alert would only show if set to visible by the players.
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