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Originally Posted by Grey Mage View Post
I have maintained my campaign (and literally tens of thousands of notes) in a personal wiki (MediaWiki on a flash drive) for several years; will Realms Works either a) allow me to import these notes into it? or b) allow me to hyperlink to the notes on the flash drive (when it is mounted and MW is running)?
Import from it? Not initially, but we'd like to provide import logic from wikis down the line. We just haven't had time to work on things like that yet.

Hyperlinking to notes on the flash drive? Depending on how it's handled, probably very soon. We've got mapped out a solution for cleanly integrating web-based data that lives outside of Realm Works. We just need to get it implemented. It's high on my personal list of stuff I want to add, but we still need to reconcile the priorities of all the different features we want to add. Once we add the feature, you should be able to hook up to the wiki.

Originally Posted by Grey Mage View Post
Which brings up a second question: Could Realms Works be installed on a flash drive rather than having multiple installs (home desktop, laptop, desktop where I work, etc.)?
Definitely no. There are some significant technical implications in doing so that run afoul of how we've got things handled internally. I only have a few hours to finish getting ready before leaving for GenCon, so I don't have time to explain right now. I know I've explained this here on the forums previously, or you can ask me again late next week.
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