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Originally Posted by alientude View Post
How about supporting both HLC and HLO?
The issue currently appears to be some underlying logic. I am saying the following only based on what Ian has said publicly about scripting in HLO. Its also based on what the scripting UI I have done for iPads. This is NOT based on any inside information given to me by LW. Just what I have gathered from reading the forums just like anyone could do.

HL currently has to support three different bits of underling logic to support Classic, iPad and HLO. Until those three merge together into a single bit of tech in the background binary I can't see it worth the money for LW to build something three times. It was hard enough for them to do it two times in HLC and iPad (and its pretty minor for iPad). Three times with HLO/HLC/iPad is not going to happen with such a small staff.

The thing everyone needs to ask for or hope to see is that all of Hero Lab core software function the same across all three platforms (or really two HLO & HLC as I expect to see the iPad get sunsetted). If this can be accomplished then the cost of making PF2 for multiple platforms becomes non-existent. Then LW could easily support all platforms for Starfinder, 5e, PF2, PF1 or other games giving the "choice" onto the gamers preference. With idea that HLC would be more limited in its abilities vs the server based options of HLO.

How and where is LW going exactly? I have no inside information and only time will tell which I think includes how well HLO actually does. Same as for anything speak with your wallets and if enough other people agree than the business will change to match.

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