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I am seeing the same thing. I haven't gone through every file, but so far these don't work:
BoED - Feats
CAdv - Dread Pirate, Spellthief, & Ninja
Complete Champion Compile
CMag - Feats & Unseen Servant
CWar - Feats & Prestige Classes -- looks like most or all of these won't work, probably because the Feats aren't

The ones that work:
AaEG - all
AoM - War Wizard (C 5-22-10) (not sourced)
BoED - Fist of Raziel & Sword of Righteousness
CAdv - those not listed above work
CDiv - Feats (C 5-25-10)
CWar - Weapons (C 4-22-10)
RotW - all (some are dependent on others so its best to add them all. These files aren't sourced. I went through each file and added a source for everything, and changed the names of the Psionic powers so that they have (RotW) in the name instead of the level (ie 3 - spellname). If you want these updates let me know.)

BTW, what's the difference between .dat and .user, as in why would you use one over the other?

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