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Originally Posted by Farling View Post
CSV is very simple to parse, JSON is a lot complex. Thus CSV would probably always be supported by any new tool before JSON :-)
I agree. Typo on my part. I can NOT see an option to load from CSV. I have not figured out how to mass load a lot of monster stats into this tool as DaPlunk describes it.

It is a nifty site and I've decided to back the creator's Patreon while I try it out, but right now it is looking like another big data entry job, which will probably turn me away.

BUT there is one killer feature that II offers: they have a Chrome extension that will allow you to take any stat book on DnD beyond and import it into II. So if I continue creating custom monsters in DnD beyond, it is very easy to get them into II.

What would be even better is if you could take any copied text that is roughly in the standard 5e statblock format and have it create a monster in II. Being able to copy from a PDF and paste into an initiative tracker with data put into the write fields would be a killer feature.

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