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Originally Posted by Toblakai View Post
So they should do everything you want on your schedule. Please tell us how they can do this? Maybe hire a dozen new people and pay them with IOU's? This is not an Amazon or Uber, they can't run profitless for years, they don't have millions of customers. Please understand that this is a small business that has to make hard choices on where to allocate their resources. Should they move the person working on SR to do a play test? You are more important that the people waiting on SR?
I shouldn't have to tell them, after all I am the paying customer, who is providing feedback and my sense of dissatisfaction. I am overwhelmed that you are satisfied, but ultimately, it is not you who I wish to hear a reply from .

Ultimately, I would prefer Campaign Theatre to go live over playtest, my frustration I guess, is grown from what has been before (and HLC did support such playtests), it is a shame that HLO is not at a similiar standard.
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