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A quick update so I'm not leaving you hanging; the bug version needs a bit more playtesting before I'll put it up. The basic design is getting good reviews from the play testers, but I've got a few typos and carrion bugs are still giving me a bit of trouble to implement (the tag that tells a host what PL it is dosen't go to a unit that gets added to the host, I need to figure that out so I can limit the carrion bugs to one unit of bugs at PL2 and none at PL1).

But, it is producing very playable lists.

A bit more time in the cooker, but the kind of problems that caused the earlier re-writes seems to be nailed.

The skinny book is in a box next to the gaming table as well, so I'll be able to get all current rules into it (and yes, I will be buying all future rules updates, my gaming group has gone SST crazed).
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