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I am, but I would say don't hold your breath for too long.

I had to learn a lot of new things, and learning cure meant I botched the first 4 re-writes...the next 4 were trying to implement new things I had figured out in the learning process, and playtesting ripped it apart...and then I got the bug and MI army books, which had new methods of figuring priority levels, which invalidated the core method of the first 8 versions...and the thing I was trying to implement turned out to be a dead end, so I needed a short break to bang my head into concrete for a bit.

Now that I've done that for a while, I sat down and put the project fully out on paper with all the planning done with methods I have used before and I know work, with one exception (and I've got that figured out, its just the exact code I need to do it still comes to me slowly).

But, if the first 8 attempts taught me anything (and apparently I should have learned more or there wouldn't have been 8 of them...) the planning here at the start is crucial; as long as I get this all right it starts to be data plugging pretty fast after that.

On this rewrite the Arachnids are about 70% done. Once they are done (this week I think) it needs a bit of playtesting and then I'll put the bugs only version up on the yahoo group for people to play with (the most recent version there is my rewrite 7; it has issues that the current re-write fixes, and its not complete. Someone wanted to see what direction I was going, so I stuck it up there.)

MI (Including Klendathu and Pathfinders) should get up within 2 weeks or so after that, skinnies a bit after that (my skinny book got backordered).

I've got my wife doing data entry to help speed things along, and two more members of my gaming group are buying AB this week to help me with playtesting and debugging, and we have set playtesting every week (about 6 hours worth).

So, its still going to be a bit, but its going to be right when it gets there.

I hate to say a exact date, becuase I sure thought I had it on version 5....and version 6.....and well, you get the idea.
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