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I think one method to try would be to have a script along the lines of:

foreach pick in hero from BaseSpell where "thingid.ofspell"

     perform eachpick.pushtags[Helper.Free]

replace thingid.ofspell with some unique tag on the wizard spell. E.G. thingid.spAcidArro for acid arrow.

I'm thinking that all you need is the tag Helper.Free to remove it from the slot calculations. By looking at the Cleric Domain spells, they just have two tags that make them free and memorized. (Helper.Free and Helper.Memorized).

The script above just assumes the spell has been added to the character somehow, so you might want to look at extending the where clause to nail down that it's not a racial spell or item spell.


where "thingid.ofspell" AND !"Helper.ItemSpell"

The ! means NOT, I'm not sure if it needs to be in the quotes (") or not though.
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