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Illvatar wrote:
> The feat gives Two Weapon Fighting if the character is using both a
> Katana (masterwork bastard sword) in the primary hand and a Wakisashi
> (masterwork shortsword) in the secondary hand. (The combination is known
> as the Daisho.) I was hoping that, for in-play purposes, I could show
> the proper to-hit bonuses if the appropriate weapons were equipped. At
> present, I just show a message with the ability that informs the player
> that they have the bonuses. The actual class is from CW and the ability
> is described on Pg 9.

The following script, run in the First phase, should do it. I used the
Longsword and Shortsword, but you can just change the unique ids to the
ones of the weapons you want.

~ Find a longsword equipped in the primary hand - if we don't find it,
~ get out now.
var isfound as number
foreach pick in hero where "thingid.wLongsword"
if (each.field[gIsEquip].value <> 0) then
isfound = 1
if (isfound = 0) then

~ Now find a shortsword in the secondary hand - if we find it,
~ we can add the 'two weapon fighting' tag to the hero, then
~ get out.
foreach pick in hero where "thingid.wShortswd"
if (each.field[wIs2nd].value <> 0) then
perform hero.assign[Hero.TwoWep]

Hope this helps!

Colen McAlister,
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