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Early on i made the mistake of importing an equipment file into my realm, this file also had a bunch of tags in there that weren't advertised, and now i'm dealing with some pretty crazy tags in there. Weird ones. Clear personality traits in the social section, for example, and races in there that i don't even know what system they come from, much less why they are in there. When i try to prganize this stuff (get personality traits into that section and out of status traits, for example), the software crashes.

I'd like to be able to at least move these tags. It's not a dealbreaker, as i don't have to use them, but its a lot of scrolling past nonsense that doesn't belong in order to find something relevant to what i'm doing (and, frankly, some of these make me actually lose IQ points for having even laid eyes on them)

At this point, i'd settle for a way to export everything but the tags, and then just redo mine the way i want them.

Moral of the story, folks: Before you import anything, create a test realm and import it there, then check *everything* before you import it, do a bunch of work and then find out that you have to scroll past a million status traits to give someone a "sassy" personality.
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