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I haven't used the Setting or Story Scope tags at all; they came in with the Content Sharing Guidelines, and I have no content to share yet. :)

If I were to use them, however, I'd have the Setting Scope tag be the name of the campaign setting or the campaign setting product, falling back to the adventure setting/setting product if it has one. If it has no related setting then don't use the tag.

Looking at our four examples, I might have used these for the Setting Scopes:

Product - Setting Scope Tag
Isle of Kandril - Isle of Kandril (or None)
Pixies on Parade - None
Streets of Zobeck - Midgard Campaign Setting
We Be Goblins! - Pathfinder Campaign Setting

It's only important once you release a second import from the same setting, as it gives you and the Realm GM a way to tie them together.

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