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There are people who have delved into the editor, and learnt some of its' secrets.

There are also companies who have a product that they would like to have available to hero lab, fantasy grounds, roll20, or whatever.
Many of those companies aren't big enough to have a dedicated digital guy.

Some are willing to hire a free lance, either one time or also to maintaining the files over a period of time.

You might have found a market... not sure if there are enough 3rd party companies out there, without hero lab or other digital options, that would pay to offer that service to their customers.
Of course, they would charge a bit for the HL files, to recuperate their losses in having them created.

Just in my case... I've paid for the HL files for several Frog God Games product, for the Spheres of Power along with each non-setting specific expansion, and if a product on kickstarter offers HL that's a large portion of my decision to back or not. Sandy Peterson's Cthulu adaption and Spheres of Might both offered HL conversion in their kickstarters.
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