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So, here is the current script for this Feat so that you guys may better understand where i may have gone wrong:

<thing id="fArcaneStudent" name="Arcane Student" description="Choose one arcane tradition from the wizard class, such as divination or evocation. You gain the 2nd level benefit of that arcane tradition, but not the benefits gained at later levels. \nFor example, if you took divination you gain the benefits of Divination Savant, and of Portent (see Player&apos;s Handbook, page 116)." compset="Feat" uniqueness="useronce">
<fieldval field="usrLabelAr" value="Select School"/>
<arrayval field="usrArray" index="0" value="Abjuration"/>
<arrayval field="usrArray" index="1" value="Conjuration"/>
<arrayval field="usrArray" index="2" value="Divination"/>
<arrayval field="usrArray" index="3" value="Enchantment"/>
<arrayval field="usrArray" index="4" value="Evocation"/>
<arrayval field="usrArray" index="5" value="Illusion"/>
<arrayval field="usrArray" index="6" value="Necromancy"/>
<arrayval field="usrArray" index="7" value="TRansmutation"/>
<usesource source="OrdoRosera"/>
<tag group="FeatureTyp" tag="Special"/>
<tag group="ProductId" tag="OrdoRosera"/>
<tag group="Helper" tag="ShowSpec"/>
<bootstrap thing="ss5CEnchan"></bootstrap>
<bootstrap thing="ss5CEvocat"></bootstrap>
<bootstrap thing="ss5CIllusi"></bootstrap>
<bootstrap thing="ss5CNecrom"></bootstrap>
<bootstrap thing="ss5CAbjura"></bootstrap>
<bootstrap thing="ss5CConjur"></bootstrap>
<bootstrap thing="ssTrans"></bootstrap>
<bootstrap thing="ss5CDivi"></bootstrap>

<prereq message="">
~ Test that the character has at least one spell
~ or spell-like ability. &
var HasSpells as number
Call 5CHasSpell
@valid = HasSpells]]></validate>

I think (In the Bolded Section) i messed up there. i think i added the wrong things, and need to add each individual power instead of the entire school but i'm not sure. if this is the case, how do i make sure both level 2 powers are added at the same time?
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