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Originally Posted by dungeonguru View Post

Requires the ability to cast at least one spell
Gain 1 Arcane Tradition from the Wizards Class. You gain the second level power of that Tradition but you do not gain more later on.>

For this one you can bootstrap all the 2nd level abilities from the Class specials from Wizards to the Feat. Add an Array Based Menu with each row of the menu being the name of one of the schools (Abjuration on line 0, Conjuration on line 1, etc.). Then go into each of your bootstraps and set the conditions to be appropriate to the usrIndex chosen. (for Abjuration in my example, the condition would be fieldval:usrIndex = 0, Conjuration would be fieldval:usrIndex = 1, etc...). As always timing is going to be odd, but I think you're OK post-level, since these are added post-level to a wizard... I think.
Okay, so i have done exactly this. However, the class feature selected doesn't show in the character itself. how do i go about fixing it?
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