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Not that I am as experienced as the other DMs on this forum. But I never enter stat based info in the mechanics reference. It's just easier to purchase and use hero lab for that.

What I put in realm works in the mechanics reference is monsters that i want to show a picture of on the 2nd monitor during play, and magic items. Using hero lab for the monster stats and encounters is just so much easier.

Josh had a recommendation a while back that worked great for me.

As i fill out each story, I enter the monsters and magic items in the mechanics reference that are needed just for that storyline.

Then for the next adventure line, I just export the realm I already created into the new one and part of the monsters and items are already created. Works great and slowly I am getting it filled in without having to enter everything at once.

Of course once I get close to finished, they will probably release it in the content market, but oh well.
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