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Originally Posted by BJ View Post
That would be the best route yes!
I asked Evil Hat a while back when I was working on the Hero Lab data set.

The basic gist was that including the names of skills and supernatural powers and such, along with the scripted mechanics and inner workings, was OK. Including textual descriptions would have to comply with fair use. When I asked them if they could provide guidelines, they said they couldn't, because they have a license to release the game, but they don't own the actual content. So just to be safe, whenever I've shared the data set (including the recent posting on GitHub), I've made sure to share it without descriptions of anything. It sucks, but it's better than nothing.

That, right there, was the reason I first wrote the redaction script, so I ever make any changes, I don't have to make them twice, once in my copy and once in the distribution copy. I can just make them once in my copy, then run my script to make a distribution copy.
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