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Hmm... that post from Evil Hat is from 2010.

The bit about Jim Butcher embracing the Creative Commons licensing for fan fiction seems to allow the use of characters

Originally Posted by Evil Hat Announcement
This is the goodness, then. You can post about your games, share your ideas about how to hack the setting, the stories that result from your games, etc, under this policy. Jim’s intellectual property remains protected, and since our specific game largely falls under that umbrella, you’re pretty much in the clear from there.
The problem is that Realm Works is a NEW publishing medium. Policies like this may need to be tweaked to account for the differences, and that will take time. In addition, the first few people jumping into gray areas like this would be the ones most likely to become "test cases" in court.

It would probably be best, EightBitz, if you asked Evil Hat about how they see Realm Works fitting into that policy before doing anything that may get you into trouble.
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