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I am so happy someone took the time to do this. It was an invaluable sales pitch for new users, and an excellent resource that gave ideas to current owners.

I'm already making changes to some things to make this cross-platform work better. Pins in smart images, making sure I'm linking portfolios in encounters, that kind of stuff. I suffer from horrible scale creep when I get started, so I start with a Pathfinder module and before I know it, I spiral out into entering the entire world of Golarion into the database. You know what always gets me? I want every link to work when I write or enter the content, then before I know it, I'm not even looking at the module anymore, I'm entering the backstory of a town in another country. Because the links keep expanding!

I liked the layout, going to see if I can crib some organizational strategies from the video.

Thanks again for taking the time.

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