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I'm sure TheSleeper meant expanded and collapsed topics/articles in the Navigation Pane with Show Containing (x) Hierarchy enabled.

Breaking this down to individual suggestions:

Add an option to have the tree controls start (upon opening a realm) fully expanded or fully collapsed.
- My addition would be a third option: expanded only to the item showing in the tab.

Realm Works should remember the current expansion state of all items in the tree and restore it upon opening a realm.
- That's a lot of bools to store per tab.

A command (in the context menu) to recursively expand or collapse everything below the selected item.
- A shortcut for this, like Control-clicking on the arrow for the item.

A command (in the options menus) to recursively collapse or expand everything in a group or in all groups.
- The current command collapses the top-level items, which is typical.

Tree controls suck. There's all sorts of behaviors that should be included with them that never are. Sadly, what's useful in one program is "why the heck does it do THAT?" in another. :(

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