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Good day,

First I wanted to thank you guys for all teh hard work that has been put into this program. There is a couple things I can't seem to figure out as of yet and I was wondering if I might get some help. btw if it is any help, I am using the builder for 40k.

1)I was trying to get pictures to display in my 40k roster. I saw a path in the "Image URL's" for the unit I was looking for in the *.dat file. I looked under help and went to the FAQ under page ArmyBuilderEX/docs/manual/miscellaneous.htm#images and looked under the heading titled "Using Unit & Item Images". While following the directions I got the point where I am supposed to right click on the image and download it. When I try that I get an error stating "Error starting image download!". When I right click that same window I can copy the URL to a clipboard. The example I was using was the Eldar Avatar and the path was:
I looked over my hard drive and could not find and and so I have to assume that the program concat's that onto the end of a base url.
Is there anything I can do to get this to work?

2)I was testing out the program and started a Ulthwe army. I could not complete the army becuase it said I needed two black guardian squads even when they were not a choice. So I went into the ABCreater and had to make a duplicate of unit id "el_BGDef" and change the rulesset. My question is how could I enter this one entry into more then one ruleset? As it stands now, "el_BGDef"'s ruleset is "ruleset.elUSF" I tried adding "ruleset.elUlthwe" as a member but I could not seem to compile when I had more then one member. Did I add the unit correctly or am I a retard and I missed someting? Please forgive, this question is me being lazy, I just got the program an hour ago and did not read all the documentation of the ABCreator as I should have so please slap me if this is a stupid question.

Hopefully the rest of the fixes will be as fast as the one I did tonight, and I will read a little more to help things out but I am just wondering if I am ont he right track.

I thank you in advance for your time and thanks again for the product and the tool.
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