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Likely the reason your new Mystery didn't show is because it hadn't been reloaded into the active program. You can do this by reloading the game system, or by selecting the thing you made in the editor and hitting the "Test now" button in the upper left.

The Final Revelation is a class special that you will have to bootstrap to your new Mystery. The new Revelations are marked by having a certain Custom tag. You'll have to make your own Custom tag by clicking the "User Tags" button near the bottom of your mystery in the editor, and it has to match the template of "Custom.MystXXXX". Then you have to go through your new revelations and mark them with the same Custom tag you just made.

So for example, say I created a new mystery, called the "Mystery of Nougut" (because seriously, what is that? What am I eating inside the snickers bar?), and 2 revelations called "Creamy" and "Crunchy", and the "Final Revelation of Nougut" class ability (which lets you touch an enemy and cause them to lose any bite attacks they might have, because they're too busy chewing).

In the editor I'd select the Mystery of Nougut, and then select the Bootstrap button in the upper right, and enter the unique ID for "Final Revelation of Nougut", along with a ClSpecWhen tag saying it should be added at 20th level. Then I would scroll down, hit the User Tags button, pick "New Tag" at the top, and in the popup enter "MystNougut" for the tag Unique ID and "Mystery of Nougut" for the tag name.

Next I'd reload the system by hitting "Test Now" for the "Mystery of Nougut", so the system should recognize the Custom.MystNougut tag now exists. Finally I would go to the "Crunchy" and "Creamy" revelations and hit the User Tags button, and pick the Custom Tag I just made for both of them, and hit Test Now for both as well.

Test it out and see if you have any further problems.
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