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Ah, now I see what you mean about the extraneous entries in roster output. I believe you can achieve what you want by simply designating the option as "design only". That way, it will only appear within the UI and NOT within roster output. The child units themselves, however, WILL continue to appear in the roster output.

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OK - use the 40K files, use the Witchhunter roster list. Use the HQ unit "Inquisitor Lord". In the Add Units tab there should be 6 types of child unit (Acolyte, sage, Penitent, Warrior, Familiar, and Chirugeon). Now the Inquisitor Lord can take a total of 12 of these (with a minimum of three) - so start picking and watch the phrases begin to add up.

Note that when adding, use the link button instead of upping their number using +/-. (In some cases it's better that way, but some can be very different from each other, even if they are the same type of choice). In the summary on the top right, and in the print preview you should see the excesssive details.
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