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Since I don't play 40K, I have no reference with which to understand your example. In fact, I don't even have a clue what army an Inquisitor belongs to, else I could maybe go find out. Please point me to the example you outline below, telling me exactly the steps needed to see this in action. Also point me to where I can find the details of how things are being implemented wihtin the data files (i.e. data files, unit ids, option ids, etc.). I'll then take a look and see if I can offer some suggestions.


At 11:50 PM 6/1/2006, you wrote:

In the 40K files, the Inqusitor unit uses New Link buttons to select the numerous child unit options it can take (Acolytes, Sages, etc.). In the unit details it lists them as "Acoylte: Add Acolyte to retinue" or "Sage: Add Sage to the Retinue"

However, when you select multiple acolytes via the buttons, you end up with "Acolyte: Add Acolyte to retinue; Acoylte: Add Acolyte to retinue". All this can add up to an excessive number of these extra details in the onscreen and hard copy.

Could there be a way that it could be done like linked options, where they would show as ""Acolyte: Add Acolyte to retinue (x2)" when used in multiples? Or to ignore a similar instance of duplicated text in this fashion?

Thanks for any info.
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